Pre Roll (1 Gram) - Cherry Chocolate ChipPre Roll (1 Gram) - Cherry Chocolate Chip

Pre Roll (1 Gram) – Cherry Chocolate Chip

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Cherry Chocolate Chip Strain is a Hybrid. Grown indoors it packs an earthy, chocolate aroma with cherry undertones. keeping your mind clear and calm. These beautiful purple and green buds are packed with flavor and offer a smooth exhale. CBD 15.66%

How to Use Pure Relief Hemp Rolls

Using our pre-rolled joints is easy and convenient. Simply unpack your hemp rolls, light it, and inhale for pure relief! Thanks to their convenience, our CBD hemp pre-rolls can be easily incorporated into your day so that you can benefit from the full benefits of organic CBD, regardless of your schedule.

Pure Relief pre-rolls are easy and convenient.

  1. Simply unpack your hemp rolls.
  2. Light it, and inhale slowly.
  3. Enjoy pure relief!

Full-Spectrum Hemp Flower

Our full-spectrum flower is obtained from the finest hemp plants, 100% grown and cultivated in the United States. Our flower contains all the beneficial cannabinoids in hemp, including CBD, CBN, and CBG. All strains contain less than 0.3% THC.